We fight for college athletes rights by providing legal services to athletes affected by NCAA-related matters, and advocating to combat inequality, misinformation, and exploitation in the multibillion-dollar college sports industry

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Fighting to protect college athletes and afford them fundamental fairness.

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“We are going to keep fighting for basic fairness and want college athletes to realize they have the power to create change. All they have to do is use it.”

– Nigel Hayes, basketball player and CAAI advisor

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Players Hold Power Over the N.C.A.A., if They Feel the Hunger

NY Times

Tim Nevius, a onetime N.C.A.A. investigator whose experiences led him to turn on the system, believes the answer lies with player activism. Last month, he announced a new organization, the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative, that plans to pair his business representing athletes before the N.C.A.A. with trying to advocate for broader reform in coordination with players. - New York Times

March madness tips off with college sports under microscope


“We are working hard to get influential athletes, people, and voices together to capitalize on the growing movement for change,” Nevius said. “More people are realizing the depth of the NCAA’s exploitation and the extraordinary conflicts of interests between a school’s commercial interests and its educational mission.” | Indianapolis Business Journal
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