About Us

The College Athlete Advocacy Initiative is a member of the Social Justice Accelerator’s 2019 cohort at the Urban Justice Center. We advocate for college athletes, fight for fundamental fairness, and combat athlete exploitation.

The mission of the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative is to provide legal support to college athletes and their families on NCAA-related matters and launch coordinated advocacy campaigns for change.

Legal Support

A network of experienced advocates and lawyers offer legal and advisory services to college athletes and families affected by NCAA rules and related issues. This group trains and works with volunteer law students on athlete cases, including eligibility issues, athletic scholarship cancellations, health and safety concerns, transfer matters, and more. Our network of advocates also explores strategic legal initiatives in pursuit of fairness for college athletes.

Advocacy Campaigns

The advocacy platform utilizes our network of influential supporters to launch and coordinate campaigns, demonstrations, and events to raise awareness of critical issues facing college athletes and pressure the system for meaningful reform. Knowledgeable and passionate advocates combine forces with athletes and influential figures to engage in strategic advocacy campaigns designed to inform the public, address inequities, and inspire reform. We support, guide, and empower college athletes to utilize their platform and push back against inequality and exploitation.

Reform Initiatives

We fight for health and safety, education, scholarship protections, use of name and image, and other fundamental rights. Our reform initiatives include:

  • Equal educational opportunities and graduation attainment
  • Comprehensive health care coverage and post-eligibility care
  • Greater health and safety protections
  • Fair transfer opportunities
  • Recruiting protections and abolishment of the national letter of intent program
  • Fair process and representation


We invite you to join us in defining a movement.

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