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Making Cash and Taking Names is our latest advocacy campaign.

Join the fight as we as we build a new movement for reform in college sports.

There are over 480,000 college athletes and none of them have the right to their own name, image, or likeness. Unlike other students, college athletes are denied the ability to earn any income from their talents, including through endorsements, social media, or self-employment. The vast majority of them, even with scholarships, struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the NCAA and universities earn BILLIONS off of college athletes through TV, corporate sponsorships, and merchandise.

State and Federal lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have recognized the disturbing inequities in college sports and introduced legislation.  These proposed laws do not require schools to pay the athletes; they simply allow them to earn money from their own name, image, or likeness, just like everyone else.  If colleges and universities continue to deny basic rights and fairness to the athletes, the system will collapse and ruin college sports for everyone.  Help us make a difference now!


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of $14, which represents the $14 Billion generated by college sports last year.  Your support will help us continue fighting for fairness on behalf of college athletes.


We invite you to join us in defining a movement.

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